Telegram x Signal Boa

Receive an invitation to a Telegram Channel for your Signal Boa subscription.

Get Buy/Sell coin signal messages for manual or automatic trading.

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Step 1

Buy Signal Boa Subscription

Browse our different packages ship, flotilla and fleet, and find the right subsciption for you.


After activating your subscription you’ll get access to our signals without any delay.

Step 2

Telegram Channel Invite

When you have subscribed to one of our Signal Boa packages, you’ll receive an invite for the Telegram Channel associated with your subscription. Click below and on Telegram enter /start
You can connect to the Telegram channel for signals:
Here are the instructions in detail as well.
  1. Go to MY ACCOUNT page
  2. API Section
  3. Generate a new API KEY
  4. Copy the KEY
  5. Then proceed to Telegram via this link:
  6. Once you are on Telegram enter: /start
  7. The Telegram bot will ask for your API KEY. Paste it there
  8. You will get access to the Telegram Private Channel with your subscription.
Check out our page here for an overview

Step 3

Register with Cornix

After having joined the Telegram Channel for your subscription, you can register with Cornix.


Then you can set up automatic trading for your exchange.

If this platform excites you we would love to help you leverage available crypto data and realize profits from investments.

Here’s a quick overview of what we do :

  1. Ready-made access to Crypto data
  2. Provide predictive signals & models
  3. Allow you to customize the models for your requirements
  4. All possible without your team having to code or develop AI solutions.